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Alex Gray, as one of the few, was able to capture his annoying presence among the crowd of people, which created the feeling of anonymity in the works created by him. The experimental photo came (result) Pure Performance. Alex Gray overcame thousands of kilometers to capture the campaign of the Pole. It broke into the human brain, and after death, he put all the contents in the bag. He photographed dead dogs, and during work in Morga conducted various experiments on dead bodies. He also stood naked before the public with his girlfriend and participated in the prayer ritual or became part of the Cross. The performance of Alex Gray, which is well described in the book "Holy Mirrors ...", so he was provocative, he removed fig leaves from human mortality and death and gave the value of symbols.

Alex Gray also survived a great appeal in his life, which very strongly pushed his work to religious symbolism, processes occurring during the prayer, the problem of creating humanity and death. Vision in the artist's dream shaped his extraordinary spirituality, allowed him to take a look at the uncoated matter and brought him closer to nature and God. Although Alex Gray, in particular, participated in sculptures and other endeavors, it is the images that make it possible to remember him forever. Among them are two pn cycles. "Saints Mirrors" and "Development of the Soul", which are the main part of the publishing described here. The creator itself discussed quite well the genesis of both series, but also gave the reader a field for identification that prompted to make independent conclusions and try to find their identity among these wonderful works. Alex Gray in the presented works (about forty paintings) showed himself not only as a painter, but also as an expert of anatomy and spirituality. The artist who has drawn a person, all internal systems, governing them, its meat and soul, nerves and blood, as well as transcendentalism, which is the carrier of its complexity. Alex Gray in "Sacred Mirrors" talks about who such a person discusses his ethnicity, beliefs, a place in the universe and, above all, about his complexity. On the other hand, works attributed to the section "Development of the Soul" is almost visual prayer over a person. They talk about the place of man on earth. We offer to place an order for the original synthol from Chris Clark