Method of administration and side effects of Aquatest

The daily dosage of the suspension should be no more than 100 milligrams, the peak concentration of the substance in the athlete's blood will be observed within 2 days after the injection. The duration of the course of taking testosterone is not recommended to exceed more than a month.

It is advisable to inject in different parts of the body, this will prevent pain and irritation of the skin. However, the point use of the drug affects not only the places where the drug was injected, but spreads to the entire body of the athlete. Also, the joint administration of vitamin B 12 or medicinal painkillers, for example, Lidocaine or Novocaine, will help to minimize the pain from the injection, which, although less pronounced than that of propionate, are nevertheless very noticeable.

Aquatest balkan  is combined with other anabolic agents to achieve a more pronounced steroid effect. For example, by including equipoise or nandrolone in the course, you can significantly increase muscle gain.

Side effects of Aquatest

A drug with high androgenic activity, if the dosage is exceeded or the duration of the course of administration is increased, it can lead to side effects. 

Among the negative consequences for the body, there are:

  1. The appearance of acne on the skin;
  2. saturation of the body with unnecessary fluid. And as a result of this, the appearance of puffiness;
  3. Possible manifestation of gynecomastia;
  4. If the suspension is used with a significant overdose, liver problems may occur.

The negative consequences are not difficult to eliminate with the help after a course of rehabilitation, by taking anti-estrogen drugs. Esterless testosterone should be used from the first day in one dose, with a subsequent increase in duration.