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Hydraulic clutch
In car transmissions, it is used as an alternative to a mechanical coupling. It transmits rotating mechanical energy through a hydrodynamic or hydroinetic device.
To increase the inertia of the vehicle, this heavy wheel rotates and provides a high level of stability or a reserve of available power when the power is interrupted.
Fog lights
Automotive headlights emitting light in the form of a rod. The ray is weak and is directed to the ground to illuminate the roadway in case of poor visibility, for example, fog.
Forced inlet.
Using a compressor, the engine of this type increases the pressure and density of compressed air. It serves air to the inlet of the internal combustion engine.
Four squares
The method of negotiations between some vendors to confuse car buyers. They will indicate on one sheet of paper. The price of the car, the initial contribution, the cost of exchanging and the monthly payment.
Four-wheel drive
Often abbreviated as 4WD. Transmission type that transmits torque to all four car wheels at the same time, and not just on the front or rear wheels.

Offset four wheels
When the rear wheels have lost the clutch with the road along with the front. The car slides due to exceeding the allowable clutch of the wheels with the road.

Control Four Wheels
The transmission system in which the driver can move the rear wheels in addition to the front wheels.
Four valves on the cylinder
In the engine with four valves per cylinder, each camshaft controls two valves, one - inlet, and the other - release. The presence of four (or more) valves on the cylinder gives the engine some advantages. You can dispel more exhaust gases, and, among other things, additional space is allowed for intake chutes.
Automotive industry Abbreviated designation of the front engine with a true wheel drive. The type of vehicle, which is driven by rear wheels, although its engine is located ahead of the front axle.
Technical characteristics of the front brakes
Width, height and depth of all the main components of the rotors of the front brakes. It may also include the type of the deployed brake ventilation system.
Front medium engine
The engine that is placed in front of the passenger cabin of the vehicle, but not on the front axle.
Front Seat Type
Types of front passenger seat descriptor in the vehicle: bucket seats, sports seats, separate multi-seat seats or captain's chairs.
Fuel tank capacity
Maximum fuel volume that can accommodate fuel tank. Nosso site apresenta as melhores empresas de apostas em 2021