Anastrozole in bodybuilding

Il farmaco riduce i livelli di estrogeni nel corpo. Anastrozolo bodybuilding è molto correlato.Culturisti che assumono steroidi anabolizzanti per cercare di aumentare la massa muscolare e migliorare le prestazioni atletiche.

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor (AI). In simple terms, it inhibits the body's natural production of an enzyme called aromatase, which is responsible for converting testosterone into estradiol.

 The drug is used on a course with aromatase anabolic steroids to reduce the negative effects of estrogen on the body. Initially, it is worth considering the positive and negative effects of estrogen on the male body. Estrogens play an important role in various functions of the male and female body. It is on these very functions that the athlete's overall health and results depend.

 Positive effects of Estrogens: play a major role in the immune system; are necessary in nourishing bone tissue; have a positive effect on cholesterol levels; are necessary for the production of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF); play an important role in maintaining "fluid balance" in the body at proper levels; help digest glucose; support the sex drive. 

Negative aspects of elevated Estrogen levels: Fluid retention, swelling; fatigue and increased muscle congestion during exercise; acne, which has not been seen before; increased risk of prostate cancer; increased blood clotting; increased risk of cardiovascular disease; increased risk of hypertension (high blood pressure); increased risk of stroke